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Free Nasutoceratops coloring page

This high-quality Nasutoceratops dinosaur coloring page converted from illustration. Download this coloring page for interesting and exciting pastime with your kids and family! Your kids will be happy to color such a coloring page.

Facts about Nasutoceratops dinosaur

  • Nasutoceratops is an extinct genus of a ceratopsian dinosaur.
  • This huge dinosaur found in southern Utah, United States.
  • Nasutoceratops was herbivore.
  • These beautiful reptiles lived in a terrestrial habitat.
  • The body length of Nasutoceratops dinosaur has been estimated at 4.5 meters.
  • The weight of Nasutoceratops  was1.5 tonnes.

We are so surprised the facts about this incredible Nasutoceratops dinosaur, and how about you?

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