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IMPORTANT! The images that are converted at Mimi Panda should be under your copyright. We are not responsible for any damage caused by the use of our service inappropriately.

Convert Your Family Photos Into Paint by Numbers Online

With Mimi Panda, it’s possible to convert any photo or picture into high-quality Paint by Number for your family, kids, and friends. It’s super easy to create a new Paint by Number. Just upload your photo using the Mimi Panda converting form above. You can use .jpg , .png, .jpeg files less than 10 MB. Mimi Panda doesn’t have other requirements for files. So you can create as many Paint by Numbers as you want. Read more about Paint by Numbers on Wikipedia

You can use the results of the converter for printing it on a canvas and further painting it with oil paints (or with any type of paints you like).

Convert your photos using our upload tool

Please scroll up and use this tool (see screenshot below) to upload your photos. In a few minutes, you’ll be redirected to a page with your Paint by Numbers.

Convert Photo Into Paint by Numbers Online for Free

Results of Paint By Numbers Algorithm

As the result, the algorithm returns 3 different images created from your Photo:

  • Original file optimized for painting on a canvas with oil paints. This is what you are going to receive as a result.
  • Colors Schema file – this file helps you more easily recognize different colors on your Original file. Use it as a helper while painting complex pictures.
  • Paint by Numbers file – this file contains color areas with numbers. Some photos can be so complex that there can be small areas where almost impossible to put a number. The algorithm doesn’t mark such areas with numbers. You can easily ignore them or paint them with any color you like.

In addition, the algorithm provides a list of colors used in the Paint by Number, so you can buy such oil paints in any shop. Don’t forget to copy and store your personal link generated for your Paint by Numbers. It will help you to come back and compare the Original file with Paint by Numbers for easy painting.

Resolution of the results

For the free version of the converting algorithm, we limited the resulting images/files to 1595×1127 pixels. Also, the maximum number of colors used in your Paint by Numbers is 30.


We would be glad to know your opinion! Tell us if you like the website and the algorithm or tell us how it can be optimized for better quality. We look forward to receiving your feedback!

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Example of Paint By Numbers created by our converting algorithm

Cat Paint by Numbers example

As you can see, the picture above was created from a photo of a cat. The algorithm split the photo into color zones and marked with numbers quite well. So the only thing that is left is to print it on canvas and start painting. To help you with this, the algorithm also gives you a list of colors used in the paint by numbers. See an example below (colors from another picture):

Paint by Numbers - Colors

Each color is represented by RGB code which is a standard and can help you to buy paints or create them mixing with your existing ones. Each Paint by Numbers can have a maximum of 30 colors. The color number (ID) you can find on the left of each color.

Create Coloring for free

Our website also provides you an algorithm that can easily create a coloring from any of your photos for free in seconds. To do that, use this link and enjoy time painting your colorings!

You don’t need any registrations for creating Paint by Numbers from your photos

You don’t need to create an account or register on our website for converting photos. We don’t require any additional acts. Everything is simple when it comes to working with Mimi Panda. Mimi Panda is a free Paint by Numbers converter for kids and adults.

We Protect Your Privacy

Your privacy is super important for Mimi Panda. That’s why it’s always possible to permanently delete any of your Paint by Numbers from the website. Use the tool “Delete” for this purpose.

Use Mimi Panda to convert your photo into Paint by Numbers Online for Free!

The main advantages of our converter are high-quality and everything is free! Custom Paint by Numbers created using the Mimi Panda website have always good quality. It’s known that high quality is super important if you want to create Paint by Numbers online for your family or friends. You, your friend, and your family will enjoy spending hours painting amazing pictures based on your own photos! 

You can create a coloring using our algorithm to have fun with your family!

With love, your Mimi Panda Team!

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