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Welcome to the Mimi Panda website! Here, you have a unique opportunity to color coloring pages from real photos. Mimi Panda could be interesting for kids, parents, painters, teachers, and for all, who love to draw.

Mimi Panda uses smart graphic techniques to create coloring pages from your photos and pictures online. Every coloring keeps all textures and combines it with perfect quality.

Our website attracts with a user-friendly interface and broad opportunities. Here you can not only choose your favorite coloring but also create your own. To do this, just upload any picture, and it will automatically turn into a unique coloring.

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Using Mimi Panda colorings, parents can entertain kids and teach them during the game, and also spend more time together. Also, our site helps teachers who want to develop creativity and imagination in pupils. Children become calm, focused, and can express their emotions on paper by drawing incredible and realistic Mimi Panda coloring pages.

Adults find on Mimi Panda perfect sketches for their future paintings. It will be great for beginners, who want to teach painting with watercolors. After coloring the picture, you can hang it in a photo frame on the wall and then admire your masterpiece!

Mimi Panda Coloring pages and Paint by numbers online creation

Start to create your own unique coloring pages

So, choose your favorite photos and images and create incredible coloring pages! It is fast and so easy. And we have excellent video instruction for you. You can create a coloring page in a couple of seconds with our coloring page creator.

The exciting thing is that is completely free. Therefore, you can compose a unique gift with your own hands with minimal cost. They are so realistic that you can create a real painting in 3D and present it as a gift to your friend.

Check our ready colorings in our catalog

But if you don’t know what images to choose, we already know how to help with it! We have beautiful coloring pages in our catalog. Check it if you want to choose ready coloring pages, and download them. All coloring pages are in different categories, which makes it easy to find them. The platform offers a huge selection of coloring pages for kids and adults. Coloring pages of cars, airplanes, and dinosaurs are especially popular among boys, Girls more like dolls, princesses, and animal colorings. And flowers coloring pages are popular and perfect for adults. But our colorings are perfect for all, it depends on your preferences and taste. Choose what you like or create your coloring pages!

Mimi Panda Blog

Find some new and interesting ideas for you in the Mimi Panda Blog. Here we share information, which could be interesting for parents, teachers, painters and other creative people. On the blog, you can find some useful tips and tricks about coloring pages, coloring books, art, and other wonderful things.

Popular Questions About Mimi Panda

1. Why you should try to use Mimi Panda?

Why you Should Try Mmi PandaMimi Panda coloring pages are amazing a pastime for children and adults. Created colorings keep all textures and let create 3D paints without special knowledge. The Mimi Panda platform will allow the child to develop and demonstrate their artistic abilities. Parents will be able to keep the baby entertained, and free some time for themselves or have a happy pastime with kids and family.

Benefits of Mimi Panda colorings for kids

The fact is that while painting a picture, a child uses different colors of paints, learns to combine shades and manage time. At this moment, the development of logic and brain activity is working. Though, if the child likes to paint pictures, then it is necessary to complicate the drawing gradually.

Benefits of Mimi Panda colorings for adults

Coloring is also good for the nervous system of an adult. It allows you to escape from routine work, immerse yourself in your thoughts, and relax. While coloring, it is better to surrender to your intuition, and not think about which colors to combine, let your brain do it for you. It is a reason why psychologists carefully look at what shades a person uses. If you have depression, then you choose dark colors, if you have joy – then bright ones. With coloring pages from Mimi Panda, you can independently conduct a psychotherapy session and get out of a state of stress.

Coloring Pages for Kids and Adults - Coloring Image
Coloring Pages for Kids and Adults - Original Image
Coloring - Toucan Diego
Coloring Pages for Kids and Adults - Coloring Image
Coloring Pages for Kids and Adults - Original Image
Magic Coloring - Family Photo

2. What the difference between Mimi Panda and regular coloring pages?

The main difference between Mimi Panda and regular coloring pages is, that images retain their complete structure after conversion. So after coloring, they look like real paintings. They look beautiful on the wall in photo frames.

You can create colorings from photos in png. and jpg. formats and save it on your computer for future use.

The interface of the site is simple. There is no need to use the search for the desired picture among numerous categories. Everything is easy and minimal. Even a small child and those people who have never worked with a computer can figure out how to create a coloring page.

3. Are any limits to using Mimi Panda?

There are small restrictions for users of our resources. Pictures are uploaded only in JPEG, PNG, and JPG format. The file size must not exceed 10 megabytes. Also, you cannot post anything that carries a pornographic context, as well as with elements of violence and calls for terrorist activities on the site. There are no more restrictions. You can upload as many images as you want and keep everything on our platform.

4. Can I create a coloring page from any photo?

Create Colorings From any Photos with Mimi PandaBoth adults and children can create coloring pages on the site. Now you can design a coloring book even from your photos. You will relive those happy moments in life with it.

Each coloring has its URL, so you can share the picture with your friends or print it again after saving it. If you are uploading a personal photo, it is better to choose a photo with a light background. There are not many unnecessary incomprehensible elements in it.

5. Can I download a created coloring page?

It is easy to download coloring pages with Mimi Panda. It is enough to select the desired picture and click on the download button. You can also send the illustration for printing right from the site. If you do not like our collection, then you can save any image from the Internet on your computer and then upload it to the site and print it after conversion.

6. How much does it cost to use Mimi Panda?

Mimi Panda Coloring Pages for KidsOur site works around the clock. Even in the middle of the night, you can download a coloring book of any topic. All services are free of charge. We created our site for people who want to share their emotions and preferences.

When uploading your photos for their further conversion, do not worry, no one except you will see them until you share them yourself on our site. To use our service, you just need to have a computer and the Internet.

7. Why did you create Mimi Panda?

Why did you create Mimi PandaEveryone, kids, and adults love colorings. So, we thought, why not to create personal coloring pages from any picture that you want. It should be really cool! And kids were impressed by that idea.

Mimi Panda – unique platform

So, now Mimi Panda is the unique platform, where everyone can create coloring pages and coloring books online without any help, for a couple of seconds! Sounds cool and exciting! We created the Mimi Panda website for people who have children who love to draw. A child can make a coloring from any picture he likes.

Free and unique coloring pages for kids and adults

Now you don’t have to spend money on coloring books where the child does not like all the pictures. You can create a personal one for your child, taking into account all his wishes. All coloring pages on the Mimi Panda website are free. It makes them popular among our users. Also, the site attracts an abundance of coloring pages and the ability to create your illustrations for painting.

We hope that you and your kids will also enjoy the service of Mimi Panda.

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