Create Personal Coloring Pages

Create Personal Coloring Pages Online

Turn your photo or image into coloring page online.
Use Mimi Panda. It's Super Easy!

How does it work?

Mimi Panda uses smart graphic techniques to create personal coloring pages from your photos and pictures online. Every coloring keeps all textures and combines it with perfect quality. Our algorithm supports PNG and JPG file formats.

Why should I use it?

Personal coloring pages are amazing a pastime for children and adults. Our online algorithm is useful for parents, painters, kids, teachers, and animators. Created colorings keep all textures and let create 3D paints without special knowledge.

Want to try?

Drop your .png or .jpg files here!
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Max File Size is 10Mb.

What is the difference comparing to regular coloring?

Mimi Panda says: Nice! Let me show you an example. Often I create personal coloring pages from photos of my friends 😉 Below you can find a photo of my best friend – Diego. The left side of the image is what was uploaded to the website. On the right, you see the result! Try drag the circle in the center of the Image and see the result. 😉 Now I can color Diego with any colors I want. 🙂 Haha

Coloring Image
Original Image
Coloring - Toucan Diego

Can I create a personal coloring page from my photo?

Mimi Panda says: Sure! You can create a personal coloring page from any of your photos. Better to use photos with white or light background. In this case my algorithm will remove background and you will be able to color only your family. Look at the photo below. Just Print, color and hang on it on a wall in your house!

Mimi Note: Each created coloring has a unique URL that you can share with your friends or family.  Just save the URL somewhere. If you don’t use your personal coloring page for more than 60 days we might remove it.

Coloring Image
Original Image
Magic Coloring - Family Photo

Are there any limits?

Mimi Panda says: It’s good to know! We support only PNG, JPG, JPEG file formats. Also the maximum file size is limited to 10MB. Other on that we don’t have other limits.

You can upload as many images as you want and keep everything on our platform.

Can I download a created personal coloring page?

Mimi Panda says: Sure! Each coloring can be downloaded on your PC and printed later. To download it you can use tools above the created image. Also you can share your coloring in social media or send the link to an email.

Why did you create Mimi Panda?

Mimi Panda says: Excellent! I have own kids and they love colorings. I thought why I can’t create personal coloring pages from any picture that I want. it should be a really cool! My kids were impressed by that idea. They asked me to create a website where they can create coloring books online without my help. And I did it 🙂

I hope your kids will also enjoy the service of Mimi Panda. 🙂 If you like Mimi Panda please contribute by making a donation to this Bitcoin wallet 1AsWMGL4hm8ZqkVAxgoYcw6Ww3CdcaYxUA