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About Mimi Panda

Mimi Panda Coloring pageMimi Panda is a service for converting images into coloring pages and paint by numbers. We use smart graphic techniques and algorithms that have been developed by our team.

The team of Mimi Panda is originally from Ukraine but we serve all over the world.

Our main goal is to let kids simple and fast ways to color whatever they want. As a result, the development of imagination and concentration.

However, not only kids use Mimi Panda. We see a lot of adults use our services for creating coloring books, paint by numbers, printable documents, etc. So we are proud to help different ages people to enjoy their free time with family.

Mimi Panda has several services under one trademark (our services use Secure connection HTTPS):
– Free coloring pages and paint by numbers converter
– API service for enterprise clients
– Mimi Profile or simply Mimi Pro – subscription-based service with higher quality and personal account for a convenient way of using our algorithms.

If you have any questions, ideas, suggestions, or are interested in cooperation, send us emails to

About Us - Coloring Image
About Us - Original Image

Service Delivery and Payment

Mimi Panda originally was created as s free-to-use service but seeing the demand we made a decision to split it into two parts:

Free online converter – “Mimi Panda”

The service is located at It’s a free-to-use online converter that gives the ability to convert any image into Coloring or Paint by numbers. All the generated images are allowed for non-commercial use only!

Subscription-based service – “Mimi Panda PRO”

The service is located at Mimi Panda PRO (Mimi Panda Profile) is a subscription-based service that lets users generate High-quality Colorings, Paint by Numbers, and use our unique algorithm for unmixing colors into real paints.

Mimi Panda PRO provides 2 types of subscriptions:

  1. Personal subscription for non-commercial use only.
  2. Commercial subscription. Users with this subscription are allowed to resell the generated images (colorings, paint by numbers, etc) without mentioning where the images were generated. It is also allowed to modify and completely change the images if needed.

Every subscription lets generate up to 500 Images (total number of images of any type) at a billing month. If the limit is reached, it’s allowed to resubscribe and start a new billing month immediately.

General Rules and Conditions

Mimi Panda services are served online and don’t include physical items. All the generated images (colorings, paint by numbers, etc) are provided as-is and don’t include further improvements/adjustments.

You must have the rights (copyrights, rights to distribute, etc) to the images you convert at Mimi Panda. It’s quite easy to buy photos at Depositphotos, Pixabay, Pexels, etc. We are not responsible for any damage caused by the use of our service inappropriately.

If you have subscribed to Mimi Panda Profile subscription by mistake, it’s possible to request money back within 7 days after the subscription only if you haven’t created any Image.