About Mimi Panda

Mimi Panda Coloring pageMimi Panda is a service for converting images into coloring pages and paint by numbers. We use smart graphic techniques and algorithms that have been developed by our team.

The team of Mimi Panda is originally from Ukraine but we serve all over the world.

Our main goal is to let kids simple and fast ways to color whatever they want. As a result, the development of imagination and concentration.

However, not only kids use Mimi Panda. We see a lot of adults use our services for creating coloring books, paint by numbers, printable documents, etc. So we are proud to help different ages people to enjoy their free time with family.

Mimi Panda has several services under one trademark (our services use Secure connection HTTPS):

  • Free coloring pages and paint by numbers converter https://mimi-panda.com/
  • API service for enterprise clients
  • Mimi Profile – subscription-based service with higher quality and personal account for a convenient way of using our algorithms. https://profile.mimi-panda.com/

If you have any questions, ideas, suggestions, or are interested in cooperation, send us emails to info@mimi-panda.com

You can find Mimi Panda on Instagram or Facebook.

Our Team

Slava R.

Slava R Founder of Mimi Panda

Role: Founder of Mimi Panda.

He has been working in IT field for more than 15 years, with deep immersion in positions such as a web designe, programming, team leadership and much more. This is where our technical expertise comes from. The experience gained over the years has made it possible to make a huge leap in the technical excellence of our service and user experience. But that’s not all. Slava is active and passion about creating communities of artistic people.

Ira R.


Role: Founder of Mimi Panda.

Meet Ira. Don’t know what to draw or create, then you should friend with Ira! Her worldview and artistry give birth to incredible ideas that awaken the desire to art. When it comes to drawing on a tablet, painting an picture, helding master classes for children, Ira is a master at this and will be happy to share her knowledge with you!

Vika R.

Vika - Ideas and Motivation

Role: Ideas and Motivation.

The idea of Mimi Panda came from Vika. Her passion for art/painting started the story of the project and gave a soul to it. Vika’s endless positive energy charges everyone around (and especially us 🙂 ). Let her guide you through a wonderful world of creativity, art, and emotions that will overwhelm you at Mimi Panda. Subscribe to our social networks to immerse yourself in the world of Mimi Panda.

Oleh K.

Oleh Kokhan

Role: SEO and SMM

Oleh is a member of the Mimi Panda team who has extensive experience in search engine optimization and social media marketing. He uses his knowledge and skills to improve the visibility of our website on the Internet, helping us to attract more users interested in our coloring books. Oleh is deeply passionate about the development of Mimi Panda, working to make our project even more popular and loved by children and parents around the world.

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