RYB colors mixing guide

RYB Color Mixing

RYB (red, yellow, blue) is a set of primary colors in subtractive color mixing system. They find their most frequent application in art, design, and painting.

In the 18th century, the ryb color wheel became the foundation of the color vision theories as the fundamental sensory qualities that are blended in the perception of all physical colors and equally in the physical mixture of pigments or dyes.

In the process of subtractive color mixing, such as in painting, the combination of all colors (RYB) results in black.

Utilizing advanced algorithms and user-friendly interfaces, Mimi Panda's RYB color mixing online tool allows artists, designers, and enthusiasts to accurately dissect complex color blends, enabling precise color analysis and creative exploration.

Choose color to unmix online (Beta)

To unmix chosen color online into primary and secondary colors, select the color using the tool below and click the Unmix Now button. If you want to mix certain amounts of colors, fill in the amount of the target color below.

The online color mixing algorithm is indicative due to the subjectivity of human perception of color.

RYB color wheel

The Online RYB (Red, Yellow, Blue) color wheel above illustrates the primary colors used in traditional subtractive color mixing. It features red, yellow, and blue equidistantly spaced around the circumference, forming a triangular relationship.

Secondary colors: orange, green, and purple — occupy the spaces between the primaries, showcasing their blends. The RYB color wheel serves as a fundamental tool in art, design, and education for understanding color relationships and creating harmonious compositions.

Equal amounts

Colors produced by mixing equal amounts of colors (equal means that ratios are always the same 1:1)

Create colors by mixing equal amount of secondary colors

RYB colors mixing guide for how to mix with secondary

Proportional amounts

Colors produced by mixing proportional amounts of colors (proportional means a variation of the quantities of constant multiple, for example 1:2).

2 red: 1 blue = magenta

1 red: 1 blue = violet

2 blue: 1 red = purple

2 blue: 1 yellow = teal

1 blue: 1 yellow = green

2 yellow: 1 blue = charteuse

2 yellow: 1 red = amber

1 yellow: 1 red = orange

2 red: 1 yellow = vermilion

1 black: 1 white = gray

2 red: 1 black = maroon

1 red: 1 yellow = pink

2 yellow: 1 black = brown

2 blue: 1 black = navy

1 blue: 1 white = baby blue


Mix with white to create tints


Mix with gray to create tones


Mix with black to create shades

Color spectrum

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