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Unlock Your Inner Artist: Drawing at Any Age

Drawing is a timeless art form that knows no age boundaries. At Mimi Panda, we believe that age is just a number when it comes to nurturing your artistic skills. The journey of learning to draw can commence in childhood and continue into adulthood, offering a wealth of benefits and opportunities for self-expression. We offer a tutorial on mermaid drawing.

The Importance of Drawing for Children

For children, the ability to draw is a vital tool for expressing their thoughts, emotions, and creativity. It allows them to communicate their ideas in a visual language that transcends words. Drawing helps children develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and the ability to observe and interpret their surroundings. Furthermore, it fosters a sense of self-confidence and accomplishment as they see their imagination take shape on paper. Drawing can be a gateway to a lifelong appreciation for the arts and a means of expanding their horizons.

The Significance of Drawing in Adulthood

Drawing isn’t exclusive to childhood; it’s a valuable skill that can enhance the lives of adults as well. In adulthood, drawing serves as a therapeutic escape, offering moments of relaxation and introspection. Whether you’re sketching landscapes, creating intricate designs, or drawing beloved characters like Ariel from Disney’s The Little Mermaid, it provides a unique channel for self-expression and stress relief. Drawing in adulthood allows individuals to reconnect with their inner artist and find solace in the strokes of a pen or pencil.

Drawing as a Means of Relaxation

In our fast-paced world, finding moments of relaxation and mindfulness is crucial for mental well-being. Drawing offers a serene escape from the demands of daily life. It allows artists to immerse themselves in the creative process, disconnect from distractions, and experience a sense of flow—a state where time seems to stand still. As you focus on each stroke and detail, your worries can melt away, and a profound sense of peace can take its place.

How to draw a mermaid: Realistic or Simple, Your Choice

If you’ve ever been enchanted by Disney‘s The Little Mermaid and the adventurous spirit of Ariel, Mimi Panda is here to make your artistic dreams come true. We offer two versions of the Ariel drawing tutorial: one that captures the essence of realism and another that simplifies the process for beginners. Whether you aspire to create a lifelike Ariel drawing or a charming and easy mermaid drawings, our step-by-step guides are designed to help you bring this beloved character to life.

Materials Needed:

  • Blank sheet of paper
  • Sharpened simple pencil
  • Eraser
  • Paints
  • Paint brushes
  • Water for paints
  • Free time and a desire to draw

Realistic Mermaid Drawing: Step-by-Step

In this step-by-step drawing tutorial, we’ll create a realistic mermaid drawing of a little mermaid inspired by Disney’s Ariel, perched on a rock with her hair fluttering in the wind. Let’s dive in!

How to draw Ariel. Steps:

1. Start by marking the location of the mermaid on the paper. Use an oval for the upper part (head and body) and a trapezoid for the lower part (tail).

2. Draw the lines for the arms. Each arm consists of three parts.

collage mermaid realistic step 1 and 2

3. Outline the stone on which the mermaid will sit, and then draw her tail.

4. Return to the head. Outline the location of the eyes, nose, and mouth.

collage mermaid realistic step 3 and 4

5. Add details to the lips.

6. Refine the shape of the hands to make them more human-like.

collage mermaid realistic step 5 and 6

7. Draw the body, including the shells covering the breast area.

8. Draw the mermaid’s tail in detail.

collage mermaid realistic step 7 and 8

9. Add delicate details around the mermaid tail drawing.

10. Draw the stone the mermaid is sitting on.

collage mermaid realistic step 9 and 10

11. Draw the hair flowing in the wind.

12. Add expressiveness to the eyes.

collage mermaid realistic step 11 and 12

13. Use an eraser to remove any unnecessary lines and add any missing details.

14. Begin the coloring stage.

collage mermaid realistic step 13 and 14

15. Use flesh-colored and orange pencils to color the mermaid’s body using a wet technique.

16. Color the hair using a red pencil.

collage mermaid realistic step 15 and 16

17. Draw the shells on the chest with purple color and paint the tail green.

18. Paint the stone red.

collage mermaid realistic step 15 and 16

Congratulations! Your realistic little mermaid is complete. Take a moment to enjoy the result and share it with your friends.

mermaid realistic

Drawing for Beginners Step by Step: Simple Mermaid

This time, we’ll show you how to draw a mermaid easy. Cute and charming little mermaid in just a few steps.


1. On your paper, draw an arched line to represent the oval of the face and a curved line for the torso and arms of the mermaid.

2. Complete the body shape and draw the seashell swimsuit.

collage mermaid simple step 1 and 2

3. Draw the mermaid’s tail.

4. Add details to the hair and mermaid tail drawing.

collage mermaid simple step 3 and 4

5. Draw the facial features, including lines for the eyes, mouth, and nose. Add a necklace and a starfish in the hair. Decorate the tail.

6. Use a pen and paints to start coloring.

7. Outline the drawing with a pen and let it dry slightly.

8. Begin by coloring the body.

collage mermaid simple step 7 and 8

9. Next, color the hair and the added decorations.

10. Finish by coloring the mermaid’s tail. You can choose any color you like.

collage mermaid simple step 9 and 10

Congratulations, your Little Mermaid is complete! This was a simple and easy way to create a cute mermaid. Enjoy your masterpiece!

mermaid simple

Start Your Artistic Journey with Mimi Panda

At Mimi Panda, we’re passionate about making art accessible to all, regardless of age or skill level. Our step-by-step tutorials are here to empower you on your creative journey, whether you’re a child seeking to express your imagination or an adult looking for moments of relaxation and self-discovery. Dive into the magical world of Ariel drawing and let your artistic aspirations take flight. With Mimi Panda’s guidance, you can unlock the joy and satisfaction of creating your very own mermaid masterpiece.