Learn How to Draw a Spider Easily

Discover the secrets of creating captivating spider illustrations with our step-by-step tutorial. Dive into the world of arachnid artistry and master how to draw a spider effortlessly.

How to Draw a Spider

Follow Simple Steps: How to Draw a Spider

Explore the joy of drawing with our user-friendly guide on how to draw a spider. From basic shapes to intricate details, we’ve got you covered.

Step 1: Draw a circle and a line

First, draw a circle and a line upward.

Step 2: Drawing spider legs

Now draw 8 spider legs and the base of the web in the form of a snowflake on top.

How to Draw a Spider Step 1 2

Step 3: Draw the details of the spider’s web

Draw the web in more detail by connecting the lines one by one.

Step 4: Drawing eyes and mouths

It’s time to add a face to our spider. Draw eyes, a mouth, and 2 dots for a nose.

How to Draw a Spider Step 3 4

Step 5: Drawing pupils

Finish drawing the pupils of the eyes.

Step 6: Coloring a spider

Now take any materials for coloring and go ahead and add bright colors to the spider. We used crayons.

How to Draw a Spider Step 5 6

FAQ about How to Draw a Spider

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