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Unicorn coloring pages: why are they so popular?

Every child from early childhood loves drawing. He picks up a pencil or brush and draws scribbles on a sheet, trying to portray something. Thus, the baby develops imagination, motor skills, and creative abilities. Unicorn coloring pages will help to develop talent.

Coloring with such fantastic animals is very popular among girls, and this is not surprising. After all, unicorns are cute and beautiful creatures, and the coloring itself is bright and unusual. Unlike the usual coloring books that can be bought in a store or downloaded from the Internet, Mimi Panda creates a realistic picture. The coloring book is suitable for preschool and school-age. You can also download the Unicorns coloring page on our website.

Unicorns represent a dream, a miracle, and fantasies, causing the desire to believe in real magic. Our coloring pages contain illustrations not only of these fantastic animals but also of their habitat. You can colorize not only one unicorn but a whole family of amazing animals, plunging into their world and experiencing adventures.

Using our site, you can create your own unique 3D coloring book, which will become interesting not only for the child but also for adults. It will allow more time to spend with the child, engaging in the fascinating creation of a fairy tale world.

Where to find free unicorn coloring pages for print?

You can find and print free Unicorns coloring pages on the Mimi Panda website, and also find coloring pages for flowers, planes, lol dolls, cars, dinosaurs, animals, motorcycles, and other cartoon characters.

After downloading the Unicorns coloring pages for your child, you can plunge him into the world of magic and fairy tales. It will be exciting for the baby to draw a unicorn in the color in which he imagines it, as well as experiment with the colors, learning to combine them correctly.

The Unicorn coloring page is a good solution for a young artist. It consists of a collection of drawings that tell about legends and myths.

Unicorns are mighty, kind, and cute horses with a horn on their heads. Thanks to the coloring, you can not only meet with them but also create for each their own unique and inimitable image, including imagination and creative abilities. Coloring the unicorn, the child himself will come up with a legend and adventure for his character.

Now you do not need to go shopping and look for coloring pages that the child may or may not like. Looking at the Mimi Panda website, you can choose the illustrations that your kid likes or make your own it easy and quick.

Our free unicorn coloring pages collection

The collection of free unicorn coloring books on the Mimi Panda website is constantly new. Thanks to a wide selection of episodes, parents can quickly find the right coloring for their child, which will help:

  • Relieve stress.
  • Develop motor skills.
  • Teach color combination.
  • Develop creative abilities.
  • Prepare for school.
  • Will give a surge of positive emotions.

Coloring is important for the baby, it helps the kid to express himself and develop imagination. Besides, the coloring Unicorn will help to captivate the child, which is good for parents engaged in household chores.

So, we glad to present our Free Unicorn Coloring Pages:

Flying Unicorn Coloring Page

 Flying Unicorn Coloring Page

Unicorn flies in the Sky

Cute Little Unicorn Coloring Page

Cute Little Unicorn Coloring Page

Cute little Unicorn

Rainbow Unicorn Coloring Page for Girls

Rainbow Unicorn Coloring Page

A Beautiful Unicorn Among the Rainbow and Stars

Unicorn and Mermaid Coloring Page

Mermaid and Unicorn Coloring Page

Mermaid Ride on the Unicorn

Unicorn and Little Girl Coloring Page

Unicorn and Little Girl Coloring Page

Unicorn with Girl in the Night City

 Fairy Unicorn Coloring Page

 Fairy Unicorn Coloring Page

Wondrous Unicorn With a Long and Beautiful Tail

Free Gorgeous Unicorn Coloring Page

Gorgeous Unicorn Coloring Page for Kids

Gorgeous and Impressive Unicorn

Baby Unicorn Coloring Page

Baby Unicorn Coloring Page

Cute Baby Unicorn

Free Unicorn Coloring Page

Free Unicorn Coloring page

Cute Unicorn

Unicorn Head Coloring Page

Unicorn Head Coloring Page

Magic Unicorn

Unicorn with Wings Coloring Page

Unicorn with Wings Coloring Page

Unicorn with Wigs

Free Printable Cartoon Unicorn Coloring Page

Cartoon Unicorn Coloring Page

Cartoon Unicorn

Unicorn and Rainbow Coloring Page

Unicorn and Rainbow

Create an original series of coloring books, based on preferences and hobbies of kid

Using the capabilities of our site, you can create your coloring from photographs and illustrations downloaded on the Internet. It will create for your child an individual series of coloring books, based on his preferences and hobbies.

You can find The Unicorn coloring pages at several difficulty levels. You can download for free a series for preschool kids in a simplified version and students of a higher level.

We also have the coloring Unicorns antistress. The illustration consists of many small details, so it will take a lot of time to decorate it.

If the child is not diligent, then you can choose a coloring with a minimum number of elements and over time download more complex illustrations.

A bit about unicorns

Graceful and very beautiful, the unicorn became the hero of numerous legends. Traditionally, this mythical creature is associated with purity of thoughts, chastity, inspiration, and a magical world.

The mysterious unicorn often appears in folklore, where it appears in the image of a strong and beautiful hero. In every country, there is always a legend in which this character appears. Each time he was endowed with a variety of character traits and features of appearance.

Unicorn in Different Cultures

Unicorn in different cultures

 In most cases, the unicorn credited the magical power that lurked in its horn. Outwardly, the animal almost always looked white, at least in the myths of Europeans, but the horn could be different. According to legends, it was multi-colored: the red top turned into the black middle and turned white at the base. Some sources reported that the horn was monophonic, but different in color – from bright red to snow-white.

 This part of the body of the unicorn has many secrets. People believed that if you drink wine from the horn, then you can avoid poisoning, as well as protect yourself from the development of epilepsy. It was just impossible to catch a unicorn because he is swift and very delicately senses danger.

Mention of it one can found in the Bible, where it is called Eden. In the Old Testament, a mysterious beast appears as a rebellious animal, which only a virgin can catch. By the way, there is a famous legend about how a unicorn decided to stay on earth, even though God offered him Eden. The explanation was simple: a beautiful animal preferred to be near people to help the good and punish sinners.

 Unicorn in Asia

This mythical creature you could also find in Asian culture, but they only imagine it in the form of a horned deer with the head of a lion. Moreover, it does not have wool, but scales, and it often was a comparison with a chimera. Such a unicorn is called Kirin, and it looks very exotic due to its bright color.

 Some legends claim that this beautiful animal does not walk on the ground but on clouds or water. Someone distinguishes the unicorn by kindness but is ready to punish anyone capable of meanness. By the way, nowadays, Asians think that a unicorn symbolizes fertility and can allow couples to become parents.

Africans legend

 Africans have their version, which is called Abadba. Outwardly, such a unicorn looks like a donkey with the tail of a wild boar. It is depicted with two horns that adorned the head of the animal, and people credit it with a great ability to treat many diseases.

 South America also did not stand aside, and unicorn legends are present in their folklore. This character is especially popular in Chile, where the animal is called kamaueto. It looks like a bull with one horn between the eyes and is considered a cure for many diseases.

Where did the legend of the unicorn come from?

There are many versions of where this amazing character came from. It is believed that the first mention of a mythical creature with a horn on its head was still in Indian culture. Early images give an idea of ​​how his ancient civilizations saw it.

A clear description of an animal with a horn is found in the 4th century in the stories of the Greek historian and physician Ctesias. He said that this creature was reminiscent of a “wild donkey” that grew like a horse. His body color was white, and a large horn stuck in his forehead. A long silky mane descended to the ground, and blue eyes were striking in beauty.

 Describing these creations, the author was sure of their existence, because for the ancient world unicorns were not fiction, as well as everything related to mythology. The Greeks considered them a part of their lives, and some claimed that they saw this mysterious creature with their own eyes.

A little later, the idea of ​​unicorns was picked up by the Roman writer Claudius Elian. He said that there are as many as three species of these animals, and the third looks like a red horse with a black horn, which cannot be caught. According to the writer, these animals were aggressive towards each other, and males often fought.

 In many cultures, it was believed that the unicorn descended from a rhino, which was its prototype. In some places, it was mentioned that he had a goat or bull body, and he was described as a beast, which is distinguished by its strength and ferocious disposition.

Unicorn The National Animal of Scotland

Unicorn – the national symbol of Scotland

 Even though the unicorn is a mythical creature, it is closely connected with the culture of Scotland. For the first time, his image was used on the royal coat of arms of William I in the distant 12th century. Three centuries later, King James III ordered the release of coins from gold, on which a unicorn flaunted. In the 17th century, during the reign of the Scottish king James VI, England and Scotland merged. Two unicorns immediately appeared on the shield. True, later, after the accession of Ireland, one unicorn was replaced by a lion.

 The Scots did not doubt that they did the right thing choosing a mythical creature with a horn as a symbol, choosing a mythical creature with a horn, as a symbol, because the unicorn was considered the most powerful, and fair animal. It is impossible to conquer and tame, and therefore it is this amazing beast that deserves to be a symbol of the king. 

National Unicorn Day: when and how to celebrate it

 Every year on April 9, the world celebrates Unicorn Day. The date was not chosen by chance: these animals have an association with spring, flowering, the beginning of something new. On a festive day, it is customary to gather in nature, give flowers, and enjoy the colorful spring landscapes that surround.

How to celebrate this holiday, associated with spring? Here you can give free rein to the imagination. For example, to organize a themed party using the appropriate attributes, or you can create a festive atmosphere in the family. To do this, it makes sense to use the ideas that you can find on the Internet. For example:

  • bake a cake, decorating it with images of a unicorn;
  • acquire a hat that resembles the horn of this mystical creature;
  • make figurines of a beautiful animal from improvised materials;
  • purchase coloring pages with a picture of a unicorn;
  • take a walk through the forest, if weather permits, and enjoy the warm sunshine;
  • watch a cartoon about a unicorn and recharge with a positive.

 The most important thing is the festive mood, and then the mystical character will be pleased. The most important thing is the festive mood, and then the mystical character will be satisfied.

Download Free 2020 Unicorn Collection 

The Best Unicorn Coloring Pages Collection in 2020

Free download the best coloring Unicorns can be on the site Mimi Panda. We have a wide range of these fantastic animals. Add some bright colors, feel how peace and tranquility overwhelm you because painting unicorns is so exciting.

You can use paints, felt-tip pens, pencils, and even gel pens to give color to your illustrations. Give your baby minutes of harmony and tranquility with Unicorns.

You can download Unicorns coloring pages of various formats on the site. Depending on the complexity of the illustration, the coloring book can be for any age, even for adults. Fantastic horses are especially popular with girls who like to watch cartoons about unicorns.

Fairy-tale animals are so cute that it’s a pleasure to paint them. Now you do not need to buy a coloring, just download it from the Mimi Panda website for free. To do this, you will need the Internet and a computer. Having printed it with the help of a printer, you will entice your child with an interesting occupation for a long time, developing his creative abilities. You can download the coloring at any time of the day using the convenient interface of our site.

Create your personalized unicorn coloring pages  with our coloring converter

If you want to create your unique coloring, then you should visit the Mimi Panda website. Using any photo or picture from the Internet, you can remake it into a fascinating coloring.

To create your masterpiece you need to go to the site and upload a photo. After converting the picture, the coloring can be downloaded or printed. You can also make your coloring book for a gift to a child.

You can use drawings and photographs for the conversion of any complexity. To create a coloring you will need scissors, glue, a stapler, color cardboard, and a little imagination. A self-made coloring book does not compare with a purchased book and will become an expensive gift for a child.

By creating a coloring on your own, you save money, which favorably affects your family budget.

Why do we need coloring for a child?

Coloring stimulates the part of the brain that is responsible for attention and concentration. The process of coloring using different shades of colors allows you to focus and helps to solve organizational issues, training the skill of time management. Thus, the part of the brain that is responsible for structuring the information received and triggering logical thinking is activated, contributing to the development of brain activity. The more complex the drawing, the better the brain works.

Of course, preschool children do not need to download complex coloring at once, it is necessary to complicate the process gradually, otherwise the baby will lose interest in the drawing process.

If an adult is engaged in coloring, then this allows him to return to childhood and escape from the routine of being. As a result, he receives positive emotions and energy.

 Unicorn coloring pages on the site Mimi Panda will not only relieve stress but also energized for the whole day. Both children and adults can download for themselves, choosing the necessary level of complexity and plot.