Puffins, with their distinctive beaks and charming appearance, are delightful subjects for artists. If you’re eager to learn how to draw a puffin, this step-by-step guide is designed just for you. Follow these instructions to capture the playful spirit of these coastal birds on your canvas.

How to Draw a Puffin

Getting Started with Puffin Drawing

Before you begin, gather your drawing materials. You’ll need a pencil, eraser, and paper and any coloring materials. Now, let’s embark on a creative journey to depict the endearing puffin with your artistic flair.

Step 1: Drawing a head

To draw a Puffin, first draw an elongated head.

Step 2: Draw the body

Now draw a body that looks like a pear.

How to Draw a Puffin Step 1 2

Step 3: Draw the legs

Now draw the legs from below like flippers, because the Puffin is a waterbird. Next, draw the tail, and draw an eye and a beak on the head.

Step 4: Detail the head

Now let’s pay more attention to the Puffin’s head. Draw a line near the eye, and draw a line near the beak, which is typical for Puffins.

How to Draw a Puffin Step 3 4

Step 5: Draw the background

As a final step before coloring, draw the waves in the sea, the sun, and the edge of the rock on which the Puffin is standing.

Step 6: Color it black

Now let’s move on to coloring. Take the black paint (or a marker or pencil) and color the top of the head and the entire body except for the belly.

How to Draw a Puffin Step 5 6

Step 7: Color the beak

The most striking element of our drawing will be the Puffin’s beak. So, take yellow, red, and blue colors and color the beak following our example. Also color the eye yellow and the legs red.

Step 8: Color the background

Now you just need to color the background, which shows the sea, rock, sky, and sun, and your Puffin drawing is ready.

How to Draw a Puffin Step 7 8

Final Touch – Inking and Coloring

Once you’re satisfied with your pencil sketch, consider outlining it with ink for a clean look. Experiment with colors to bring your puffin to life. Consider the classic black-and-white look or add a splash of color to showcase the puffin’s vibrant beak.

Additional Tips for Puffin Drawing

Enhance your puffin drawing experience with additional tips. Consider using colored pencils or markers for a whimsical touch. Experiment with various poses to convey different aspects of the puffin’s personality.

Perfecting Realism in Puffin Features

For a more realistic portrayal, focus on the intricate details of the beak and feathers. Study reference images to capture the distinctive patterns and colors unique to puffins.

Adding Coastal Elements

Elevate your puffin drawing by incorporating coastal elements. Consider sketching rocks, waves, or a simple seascape to provide context and enhance the visual appeal of your artwork.

Conclusion – Your Playful Puffin Masterpiece!

Congratulations on completing your puffin drawing! Whether you’re a novice or an experienced artist, savor the joy of capturing the charm of these coastal birds. Keep practicing, and let your imagination take flight with each stroke. Happy drawing!